Model Extraordinaire –Harini Goes the Extra Mile


Standing tall and stately is the dusky beauty who represents Sri Lanka in many pageants with pizzazz- Harini Silva. Committed to her profession and to a cause, is the young beauty queen who shares her insights about her world of glamour glitterati and sheer hard work!

The girl’s got gumption was the thought that struck me as I spoke to her about her life. Resolving to choose the higher path and explore the endless possibilities life has to offer seems to be her modus operandi.

What made you choose modeling?

In my case it was the person closest to me who was my main inspiration; my mother, Krishanthi Dias – who was crowned Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Asia Pacific in 1982.

While she was a great influence, the prerogative was all mine!

What are some of the main pageants you have participated in?

Miss Teen Heritage 2016, Miss World 2017, Miss Brand International 2018, Miss Top Model 2018 and Miss Top Model of the World 2018.

Who guided you to achieve your goals in your career?

Brian Kerkoven, my Manager! He is a mentor and a father figure who goes above and beyond his call of duty to guide us while displaying a profound understanding and drive for the industry.

What are some of your other talents?

I swam for my school, Gateway College and for the country as a national swimmer and for the Army. I am also very passionate about singing as it is a language without borders which connects people. It is also a great stress buster!

I have also established my own charity foundation called, ‘Ray of Sunshine’ which undertakes various projects on an annual basis or when the need arises to alleviate the suffering of many needy folk; be it those who have special needs such as the deaf, blind, autistic and others who simply yearn for a great measure of love and care.

What do you gain by participating in pageants?

A great deal of confidence! It is also an opportunity to identify your capabilities. While locally you are among your own, with many veterans in the industry to guide you, the experience at international pageants is poles apart. You are literally on your own and require focus and discipline to see it through to the very end. You also have to shoulder the greatest responsibility of being an ambassador for your country.

What are your plans for the future?

I have always dabbled in the arts and went on to obtain my diploma in Fashion Designing from the Academy of Design (AoD). This would be helpful in my desire to design my own line of clothing but it all depends on God as His plans are higher and may differ from the plans I have for myself, so I prefer to go with the flow.

In your opinion what does it take to become a good model?

One definitely has to possess a passion for it and be realistic about the commitment it requires, while setting your face in flint and holding your head up high as you are primarily judged on your appearance. It is also necessary to set goals and aim to achieve them and realize that you are either representing yourself or in the case of pageants, representing your country and that comes with a great deal of responsibility. It is also about making use of your appearance and titles to make a change in the lives of the poor and marginalized in your country. Modeling is also not a profession which is relegated merely to beauty but it requires the ability to make wise decisions that would reflect your level of intelligence and your deepest desire to uplift humanity.

Finally and most importantly is the ability to accept the advice given by your trainers, reach for the stars and the knack to make everything you do seem effortless is equally important.

Model: Harini Silva

Photography By: Arantha Sirimanne

MUA: Moin Khan (Moin’s Style Studio)

Stylist: Gayantha Perera

Post Production: Dilsh

Written By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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