Love’s in the Air


The month of celebrating love has dawned with a bang and we intend to make the most of it – so we encourage you to let your imagination take precedence as you conjure up ways and means to express your love to the most cherished person in your life.

One cannot disassociate the subject of love from the day which has been set aside for it – Valentine’s Day was commemorated since AD469 in honour of the saint who was martyred during the dark ages for his preaching of the good news of the Christian gospel and his sacrificial attributes reflecting the love of Christ. Yet, during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the inclusion of romanticism made it a day which lovers yearned for. Gradually, the introduction of gifts from poetry to flowers and songs became an integral part of the celebration per se. presently, the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day is seen as a lucrative business venture with all entities joining the bandwagon.

Therefore, we urge you to express your love in an unique manner which resonates more profoundly with who you are and what your lover, friend, child or parent means to you. Let your imagination soar above the skies and sail beyond the horizon as you explore the height and depth of love!

Potraying a flaming love tryst is Jake and Sayuri, our glamorous couple who were placed on the hot seat at our first edition for 2021…

Give us a brief glimpse into your childhood

SAYURI: My childhood was very interesting.  I was a very social kid with a love for sports, thus I lived most of my childhood on the school playground and always tried my best to be independent without troubling my parents and I had a good balance between my studies and extracurricular activities – this trait has continued to my adulthood. As the second child of a relatively large family (in today’s standards) of four siblings life was very exciting. I am also grateful for beautiful memories and my mother who made certain that we had a good life.

What or who inspired you to become a model?

SAYURI: Show business and the limelight is new to me as no one in my family showed any interest towards this industry but I participated in a few TV commercials  and was encouraged by the feedback I received from my family and friends to pursue a career in modelling. This led to some research on finding a good mentor and it led me to Brian Kerkoven as he had years of experience and expertise in training models. I am grateful to his expert guidance.

What are some of your major achievements in life?

SAYURI: I believe that I am a good sister to my siblings and a good daughter to my mother and that is my number one achievement. Modelling has become a part of my life now so whatever the achievements I have in my life also includes modelling.

I’m one of the youngest tittle holders in Sri Lanka and I have four local titles and one international tittle in Sri Lanka. I won Miss Face of Sri Lanka 2020, Miss Tourism Queen 2020 but was unable to compete in these due to the current situation as they postponed the pageants. I was nominated as the Supermodel International Sri Lanka 2019 and was placed 2nd runner up in Thailand when I was 17 years old.  This year I’m competing in Top Model of the World 2021 which will be held from 25th February to 5th march in Egypt.

Challenges in this field or life in general which you have overcome to get to this stage of your life?

SAYURI: I think that we all face challenges in life. I had a very smooth childhood but my teen years were very challenging. I was sick and due to the sickness I was home schooled and this was hard as I was an athlete and a very social kid but I always believe that everything happens for the best.

As a model the biggest challenge was letting go of my insecurities. I am very skinny, therefore people used to bully me on social media and they still do but the difference is I used to get so hurt before and now I love my body and I think my body is a blessing for me so I ignore what haters say and love myself instead.

What are some of the standards you have set for yourself?

SAYURI: My principal in life is not to forget where I started and not to forget the people who helped me throughout my journey and always be humble in whatever I do.

What are your other interests?

SAYURI:  I love to travel around the world and I love to surf. I also have a plan to start my own charity foundation to help differently abled children.

What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?

SAYURI: I want to be remembered as an exemplary human being, sister, daughter and friend.

How do you see yourself in five years?

SAYURI: I don’t know what the future holds but I do have plans and goals and vow to live my life and celebrate every moment.

What is your advice to aspiring models?

SAYURI: Give your 100% to everything you do and have a positive attitude. As well, be humble and aspire to reach the top.

Who are your greatest supporters?

SAYURI: My family is always my strength and my second family who are my friends. My best friend Anu and my cousin sister Anne are also among my greatest supporters.


What was the most daring thing you have done?

JAKE: Jumping off a 70ft cliff into a water fall!

Who or what inspired you to become a model?

JAKE: There is no such inspiration behind me becoming a model. Call it or luck or a blessing. It was something new which I wanted to try out by pushing my boundaries into a new experience.

Challenges in this field or life in general which you have overcome to get to this stage of your life?

JAKE: My life was never easy! I had to go through many tough and painful experiences to get where I am today, but through it all my aim never wavered and I persevered and achieved success by believing in myself and my ultimate goal.

What are some of the standards you have set for yourself?

JAKE: Believe it or not, I have Tattoos of my standards which serve as a constant reminder for what I stand for and I try my best to uphold them in everyday life.

What are your other interests?

JAKE: My interests in life are traveling the world, living on the edge and exploring the tantalizing tastes of various cuisines as I am foodie at heart. I also have a desire to understand and experience all that life has to offer.

What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?

JAKE: No matter how small you may think you are, you will always be able to make a difference if you have that mindset.

How do you see yourself in the next five years?

JAKE: As a successful and innovative Entrepreneur blazing a trail for others to follow.

What is your advice to aspiring models?

JAKE: No matter what people may say about you, always believe in yourself and discover ways to improve and standout without blending into the herd as that is the best way to move forward in this industry.

Who are you in a nutshell?

JAKE: An animal loving – scary looking guy! (LOL)

Who are your greatest supporters?

JAKE: I believe that I am my greatest supporter as I am aware that I am capable of achieving high standards despite the doubts felt and voiced (intentionally or unintentionally) by friends and family.

Model: Sayuri Jayarathne & Jake Senaratne (BK Model Management)
Photography: Sidath Wanaguru
Hair & Make-Up: Salon Tobe – By Michelle Oodugama
Wardrobe: LIMAK by Kamil Hewavitharana (Red Dress) & Charith Wijesekera (Black Dress)
Flora: Bimbara Flora
Location: Rockwell Colombo

Written By: Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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