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Jack & Jones – For Every Man with Style


Softlogic Brands Pvt Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of the reputed conglomerate, Softlogic Holdings PLC, in their latest venture, aims to cater to the man of style may they be young or young at heart. The first Jack & Jones flagship store at Colombo City Centre has been up and running since the 15th of March and has been turning heads for its unique look and display. The nearly three decade old Danish brand that came into being out of luck and style is mainly targeted at younger and hip customers… but age doesn’t matter, it’s the taste, really. Up to this day, the brand grows and exceeds expectations in the hearts of men worldwide. Jack & Jones is one of Europe’s leading menswear brands with over one thousand stores in 38 countries.

Walking around Colombo City Centre, you’ll spot the Jack & Jones store conveniently on the first floor opposite Roots Gelato; it’s right near the escalators, so you simply can’t miss it or resist it. The ambience of the store is dimly lit with a hip and season appropriate display.

Predominantly, a jeans brand, Jack & Jones categorises their bestselling jeans according to the fit: skinny, slim, regular, comfort and anti-fit. If you’re one of the struggling folks who have to settle for an even size, Jack & Jones will treat you right; starting from 28 and going on till 36, you’re bound to find jeans with a perfect fit as they produce jeans in odd sizes as well. Jeans are priced at various prices depending on fit starting from LKR 10,490.

The brand also releases other clothing pieces and accessories so, here’s to finding an entire outfit under one roof! You’ll find essentials for as low as LKR 1,390, just read on. The store is sectioned according to the exclusive Jack & Jones collections; Core, Premium, Vintage and Originals. The Core and Original collections are youthful and hip while the Premium and Vintage collections cater to the stylish man from all walks of life.

Core: The Core collection consists of fresh and hip pieces – mainly leisurewear and sportswear. This collection is targeted at a market of 18 to 25 years.

Starting price: LKR 3,290


Vintage: The Vintage collection serves looks that are very funky and groovy. Pieces in this collection look overworn and faded and cater to the market of 18 to 25 years.

Starting price: LKR 3,290

Originals: The Originals collection is a signature collection that focuses more on Jack & Jones branding than the other collections. Jack & Jones Originals has something for everyone. There are pieces that build outfits that almost anyone can easily pull off if styled right.

Starting price: LKR 5,290

Premium: The Premium collection is a bit more sophisticated and one of the brand’s bestselling collections. With formal and semi-formal occasion-wear, this collection targets a crowd that is ideally over the age of 22.

Starting price: LKR 6,290

If you’re a believer of investing in what you wear, this is the brand for you. You will find t-shirts starting from LKR 3,290, shirts from LKR 9,000, blazers from LKR 17,990, jeans from LKR 10,490, cotton pants from LKR 9,290 and tanks that start at LKR 3,690. You will also find sizes from small to double extra-large depending on the design. The Jack & Jones staff is extremely helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable on the products they have in store.

As for giftables, you will find the most fashionable sunglasses starting at LKR 9,490, genuine leather wallets starting at LKR 9,690 and trendy caps in leathers and denims starting at just LKR 4,490. Gift or not, you will also find briefs, trunks and boxers ranging from LKR 1,390 to LKR 1,790. Ladies, some of them come in the funkiest prints and will make perfect little quirky gifts for your boyfriends or husbands!

Jack & Jones releases a brand new collection frequently with up-to-date styles and trends that are handpicked by the buyers exclusively to suit anyone with a great eye for detail and fashion. The brand also hopes to introduce a line of shoes soon.

While the exclusive flagship store operates from 10am to 10pm on the first floor at Colombo City Centre, you can also get your Jack & Jones fix at the Odel outlets at Alexandra Place, Kohuwala and Wattala operating from 10am to 8pm all seven days of the week.

By Kavindhi Wanigasinghe


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