Iconic Accessories at Luxe Bags


Luxuriate in the feel of owning a world renowned brand coveted by the crème de la crème of the global fashion arena. A venture by ODEL PLC a fully owned subsidiary of the reputed diversified conglomerate, Softlogic Holdings PLC, the Luxe Bags store at Colombo City Center has a distinctive array of Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Love Moschino, Cavalli Class and Trussardi handbags, belts, watches and sunglasses which will beckon you at all seasons. These brands make a statement and are custom made to suit your uniqueness at every occasion. Accessories complete one’s attire and similar to clothing, these too give an impression of value.

Indulge your inner ‘fashionista’ with the glamorous, yet youthful Love Moschino handbags or stylize your work wardrobe with the classy Michael Kors collection and the trendy Emporio Armani brands which exudes a ‘joie de vivre’.

Enter the world of Cavalli Class with its bold and impactful style, taking iconic elements from the heritage of the Cavalli history and translating them into elegant ease. It is a go-to brand for women and men who don’t renounce style to face the challenges of the everyday life.

Trussardi is about creating family heirlooms with their eclectic selection of handbags for daily usage or special events which are stitched to perfection in super luxe and durable leather.

“During each season we provide the Luxe Store with a new collection, giving special care and attention to best sellers. Currently, we have seasonal items in addition to core products. Most of the items are from the Spring/Summer and Fall collection of 2019 while the handbags are predominantly for women, the versatile men’s collection by Emporio Armani makes the fashion conscious man on par with the global trends while celebrating the individuality of a person.” stated a spokesperson for ODEL.

Sunglasses from the Michael Kors and Emporio Armani brands includes both seasonal and core products with a vast range of designs from club masters, butterfly shapes and aviators, sure to suit any facial contour.

“We invite you to create your own runway look with these trendy handbags and accessories which are coveted by aristocrats and celebrities internationally and given the validity and approval by the global fashion industry,” the statement from ODEL further went on to say. Along with her effervescent team who are dedicated in ensuring their clients receive an unparalleled service and knowledge about the brands as it is vital that, “you, our valuable client is aware of the fact that each item is a masterpiece, exquisitely crafted just for you!”

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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