Granted, Covid is a bummer when you are an ambiverted fashionista that just wants to flaunt your style on the city streets, in a shopping mall, or a bus ride to college, because right now, all you can do is stay at home and “flip-flop” between the kitchen and your bedroom. Here’s the good news though: it is not always going to be this way! One day you’ll be out in the sun again, so why not keep your wardrobe stocked with, say, some of these stylish shoes that are trendier than you thought around the world?

Flatform Sandals

Whether it’s a boho-style dress you are opting to wear or just your classic faded-blue jeans, rolled up twice at the ankles, these sandals will not let you down. Flatforms are just flat platform heels in sandal form, so they are easy to walk in, not to mention they also make you appear at least an inch taller than you actually want to be!

Wide Thong Sandals

Comfortable and stylish at the same time, wide thong sandals are all about letting your toes breathe. These are a good option to be displayed alongside your pretty, linen wide-leg pants, or even your midi-skirt. If you are on a hurried errand to the supermarket, or simply a stroll down the street in the neighborhood, make sure you have a pair of these pals underneath your feet, and you’ll thank me later.

Heeled Loafers

Think about that basic loafer on your feet. Now picture that with some mighty heels. Yes, you can own that pretty look with a sparkling pair of heeled loafers when these days of pandemics and lockdowns are over and you will be going back to office in your new trousers and suits. If you want to include a pair of simple socks with those shoes while you are at it, there is no one stopping you!

Chelsea Boots

The best thing about Chelsea boots is that they are not restricted to a particular gender—they are for all of you. Chelsea boots are probably the trendiest of shoes out there, no matter the color, so make sure you flaunt a pair with that billowy midi-dress of yours, or those new jeans you have been wanting to wear for a long time.

Neutral Retro Sneakers

This trend is an undying classic. Sneakers have been around for an intriguingly long time, and it looks like they will be the same in the future, so go ahead and tie up the laces of a pair of retro sneakers after your denim shorts or jeans or even your sweatpants. Just make sure you keep the color palette neutral since that’s what’s apparently hot in this decade.

Strappy Heels

Last, but not least, what’s not to love about straps? It is not new that an extremely strappy pair of shoes that climb up your calves and reach your knees succeed in making your legs appear more magnificent than you expected them to be. So the next time you go to that post-Covid wedding, or your friends’ anniversary, or even when you host your own poolside birthday party, replace those boring wedge heels with a couple of strappy high heels to add to the beauty of that slip dress you’ll be wearing to stun.

By Rebecca Mischelle

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