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Design Queen- Radhika Hernandez


Elegant featured a panoply of the popular ‘Endless Summer Collection’ of Lois London and met with its beautiful design queen, Radhika Hernandez! Her creations have enthralled the fashionistas the world over for their vivid and vibrant designs which are bound to be firm favourites that never run out of fashion!

Tapping her potential

“As a child I was fascinated by designs and developed a knack for it along with an avid interest for sewing, which was uncanny for youngsters but my maternal grandmother who lived with us shared her passion for stitching with me and that evolved into a hobby.”

Her life has taken her on many paths which have contributed to the persona she is today, from a degree in Politics to a singing career in USA with her sister, Tanuja to being part of Beyonce’s clothing line in New York, where she was based until the latter part of 2018, up until her move to Sri Lanka.

“We were fortunate to have liberal minded parents who encouraged us to explore endless possibilities, hence the adventurous period of my life as a singer touring USA along with my sister. This in turn, resulted in meeting my husband, who coincidently wanted to follow an ascetic life as a monk in Sri Lanka!” revealed she with a laugh as Rob was compelled to forego his desire to become a monk after meeting the beautiful Radhika but living in Sri Lanka has become a reality.

It was Rob who encouraged her to pursue a career in designing while living in New York as he too has a flair for designing. “Initially I was reticent but grateful that I secured a job at Beyonce’s clothing line. Since it consisted of a small team, I was able to learn the multi-faceted roles of the fashion industry including design and product marketing. It was a very exciting period in my life. Every day was different, and I got to work on so many fantastic projects like creating tour outfits and helping with red carpet gowns. I also had the opportunity to travel to some amazing destinations such as Santorini and Bermuda for photo shoots. I started my career as a receptionist but spearheaded the team as the Head Designer prior to leaving after a period of five years”.

The Birth of a Brand

“After my son’s birth I decided to venture on my own as it gave me ample time to spend with him during his formative years. This led to the birth of Lois London!

The name Lois was derived from Superman’s love interest Lois Lane who sported a vintage collection much like my signature styles which are not intent on following trends but retains its iconic fashion status for years and adapts to the ever- changing body image of women. The name London was mainly due to my affinity to my hometown.”

A star was spawned in the bustling metropolis of New York and reached out to the farthest corners of the world through her dynamic capacity to identify the needs of her burgeoning clientele.  The brand includes the Kaftan inspired dresses which are all about comfort and style- befitting the tropical landscape as it’s a blend of resort and occasion wear.

It did not take long for the industry magnates to notice Lois London and its designer, who has showcased her collection at the New York Fashion Week and Colombo Fashion Week with an array of eye-catching designs, that has created a buzz across continents. Moreover, her collections have graced the covers of popular magazines and sparked a fashion revolution, which continues to reach stellar heights.

Radhika’s Muse

Radhika’s inspiration is derived from the fabrics per se as she is drawn to colours and textures and is inspired to design by the mere feel and look of a fabric; which goes to show the strength of her passion for creating the most unique designs.

“Lois London gave me the freedom to grow and develop into an entrepreneur. It also gave me the opportunity to work remotely as I am able to reach out to a wider customer base through it.”

A spark of adventure

Later this year, Radhika and her husband moved to Sri Lanka along with their children, which gives her a more hands on exposure in the local arena.

It seems the designer in her has something up her sleeve for the holiday season; the collection consists of very light exciting pieces with graphic prints, beads and evening inspired silk fabrics with her signature touch of free flowing, aesthetic appeal.

As we await with bated breath for her new designs, we can’t help but wonder at the great strides in fashion taken by the doe eyed exotic beauty. Radhika has amassed an ever-growing clientele who are continuously inspired by her haute couture; which is elegant, ethereally stylish and accentuates the fashion sense of the wearer.

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

Photography By: Sidath Wanaguru

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