I too am not a bit tamed—I too am untranslatable;

I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world- so said Walt Whitman in his poem ‘Song of Myself’

Softlogic Brands (Pvt) Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC, invites you to enter into the iconic world of Diesel, the brainchild of Italian fashion designer, Renzo Russo. Having recently celebrated 40 glorious years (four decades) of denim, the internationally acclaimed lifestyle brand which has stamped its imprint in the lives and hearts of global fashion magnates opened its very first flagship store in Sri Lanka at the One Galle Face Mall.

DIESEL calls you to be daring and fearless in your exploration of fashion – it invites you to step out of your comfort zone into a vivid and vibrant world in which you dare to be brave! The eclectic styles of DIESEL have always stood apart, reminiscent of Walt Whitman’s poem titled ‘Song of Myself,’ in which he states “I too am not a bit tamed – I too am untranslatable; I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world!”

The DIESEL Store at One Galle Face mall is a portal into high fashion, from the surreal runways of Italy, the brand depicts a unique concept of street style and retro. With jeans being its signature garment, DIESEL has morphed into a fashion line up for men and women, which is tastefully segregated into utility wear, street style, denim library (library style), sporty and more.

Slogans, Logos and Branding

‘Only The Brave’ is emblazoned across a selected range of items depicting DIESEL’s target audience as the brand in itself sparks strong impressions with more logos such as ‘DDDL – DIESEL Denim Division Lover’ and ‘Mohican’ among them. Each item embraces the DIESEL way of life which is focused on being fashionable yet street savvy.

The ripped, stone wash effects are expertly designed and integrated to the core effect creating a dynamic aura to the brand.

DIESEL’s explosive yet meticulous art work, creates an image and conveys a message, so does the detailing as each item has multihued and multi-faceted embellishments from chains, velcro, zippers, reflective highlights and more. The mix & match and layering effects are portrayed even through the mannequins which is an authentic feature of DIESEL.

Seasonal trends

DIESEL’s seasonal products such as the unisex, reversible jacket is a collectible with its distinct features along with its most popular range of graphic and logo T-shirts and shirts which bear the signature intrinsic detail either embossed or printed in true DIESEL fashion.

The smouldering, one-of-kind products include the chameleon jackets which change colour on the application of heat.

Partnering in High Fashion

While DIESEL is a brand loaded with personality, it also partners with formidable brands such as Fossil in creating its watches and Coca Cola in creating a brand of T-shirts made from recycled Coke bottles which bear the hallmark of the brand.

Denim Library

Bona Fide displays such as the Denim Library with moveable and interchangeable display racks made for the purpose of attracting the denim lovers who are given the option to shop in luxury and ease as the tags are clearly marked with the varied styles such as Jogg Jeans, Tapered, Slim and Boot cut with adventurous fixtures and key silhouettes. DIESEL was initially a producer of denims, thus the prominence given to it. Yet, the styles are as eclectic as the brand it resembles.

Even in merchandising the pick and choose option is prominently displayed in order to maximize on the brands versatility. While femininity is celebrated, its downplayed with a stronger element of grunge which is seen in the artistic ambience of its store which epitomizes a freedom in fashion, in which one artfully creates an ensemble which could be brandished as iconic. The accessories such as chunky jewelry, caps, shoes, bags, underwear too are on par with DIESEL’s grunge, street look which complements its entire collection giving you endless array of choices.

Subsequently, the store will display the new Eco collection in keeping with the trend towards environmental friendly patterns following the fall/winter collection in August

DIESEL invites you to experience a boundless fashion trend which breaks the parameters in creativity as you emerge as a stronger, unique version of yourself and dare to be brave.

Visit the DIESEL store at One Galle Face, Level 1. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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