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Emerging Young Entrepreneur: Kevin Ranasinghe of Saints Blanc

As children we are often told to “dream big” or to “follow our dreams”. Taking this advice to heart, Kevin Ranasinghe did exactly just that. Having stumbled upon his passion…

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Local Designers Create a Benchmark in the Fashion Industry

The Design Collective, an upscale clothing boutique down Stratford Avenue is a breathing space for local designers. Binu and Shahili, the two boss -ladies behind TDC Brand are all about making…

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Hey Girls, A big hi to all my girls out there as I’m writing back after a devastating situation in the country. Hope all of you are safe and recovering…

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Kaviru Samarawickrama

Emotions felt by heart — Kaviru

Poets force you to see beyond colour, gender and their own experiences to gain inimitable insight. It’s beyond a fusion of words and rhythm. It’s about capturing emotions and feelings…

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Dazzle up YOURSELF

BE A FABULOUS PRINCESS                                      “Clothes mean Nothing,                                           until Someone lives in them”                                                                                                                        - Marc Jacobs - Hey Girls, a very Big Hiii to all my Amazing,…

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BE A FABULOUS PRINCESS            "FASHION CHANGES, BUT STYLE ENDURES"                                                                                         - Coco Chanel - Hey Girls, A very big hi to all my girls out there waiting to…

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                 "A WOMAN WITH GOOD SHOES IS NEVER UGLY"                                                                                 - Coco Chanel -   Hiiii Girls, I’m back with some tips only for you girls!!! So are you ready…

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Colour up your Nails

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” - Coco Chanel Hey Girls, A very Big Hi on your way. Time is flying right?? Look we have already passed the New Year as…

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Teena Shanell Fernando

Teena Shanell Fernando Photoshoot

Model: Teena Shanell Fernando Outfits by: Maleesha Rukshani of LiZa Designer wear Photography and post-production by: Ravi Jayatunge

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Can Tying the Knot Tangle your Relationship?

Dress dilemma, menu madness and centerpiece chaos: it must be wedding season! Making the ultimate commitment to one another and making it official is an important highlight for a relationship.…

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