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Conflicts in the Workplace: Game Changing Strategies by Fahad Farook

International trainer, certified transformative coach and Management consultant, Fahad Farook shares his bit of advice on conflicts in the workplace and his game changing strategies which are also relevant to…

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A Magnate in the Making – Ginsara Dias

“My goal is to attain corporate nirvana or the highest rung in the ladder of success!” stated Ginsara Dias, Country Manager (Sri Lanka) of the multinational information technology giant- Hewlett…

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The ‘Islander’ Who’s Revved up to Conquer the World

Rovini Illukkumbura, the ‘Entrepreneur with a cause’ spearheading an empire of her own through brand building from the flavoured water, ‘Islander – a first of its kind and more, admits…

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Celebrating 25 Years in Retail Fashion

Maintaining consistency in an industry as competitive as fashion is no easy business. While this truth remains very apparent today, it is unthinkable to imagine that some businesses such as…

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dilith jayaweera

Being ‘’unconventional‘’ and thinking out of the box – Dilith Jayaweera

When it comes to the advertising sector, ‘’Triad’’ tends to be an iconic name. Needless to say, the name which rings a bell next is TV Derana, which has a…

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nirmal de silva

Passionate to the Cause of Empowering Lives – Dr. Nirmal De Silva

Browsing through the impressive profile of a committed entrepreneur and philanthropist would make one feel overwhelmed but meeting him in person was far more inspiring as his humble attitude and…

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bakes by bella

Bakes by Bella (Bella’s Café): Platform for Inspiration

The door opened to reveal a world pulsating with life and yours truly almost floated in, soaking in the artistic flair that was unfolding in every nook and cranny at…

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Bully & Co

Bully & Co: Explosive ammunition to fight the Corporate Bully

Bully & Co provides a much needed self-help to combat one of the most inconspicuous forms of mental abuse which occurs in the corporate world. Hidden behind career goals, dynamic…

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Tamiko Rajapakse

What Women Want

Walter Thompson Sri Lanka’s Insight Director Tamiko Rajapakse discusses what inspired her to join advertising and why 20 years later, she is still as passionate and focused as she was…

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Fiona & Hasrath Munasinghe

Power couple – Fiona & Hasrath Munasinghe

Fiona and Hasrath Munasinghe, the husband and wife duo have contributed immensely towards the success of their respective entities. Reaching the pinnacle in similar careers while enjoying a close bond…

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