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Umara and Umaria

Sensational Sisters: Umara and Umaria!

The mesmeric voices of Sri Lanka’s sensational singing sisters have enthralled crowds from the moment they decided to perform publicly. The ensuing years since their initial performance precipitated in an…

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Hassan Esufally

Hassan Esufally – Making his presence felt in every continent!

There are sport enthusiasts and then there are those rare individuals who find fulfillment in extreme sports… they are the ‘ Dare Devils’ who take enthusiasm and personal goals to…

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ornella gunesekara

Outstanding Ornella – Beauty, Brains and a Charming Personality

We were lucky to have the privilege of speaking to the stunning Ornella, mere days from being whisked away to representing Sri Lanka at the prestigious Miss Universe 2018 pageant…

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bakes by bella

Bakes by Bella (Bella’s Café): Platform for Inspiration

The door opened to reveal a world pulsating with life and yours truly almost floated in, soaking in the artistic flair that was unfolding in every nook and cranny at…

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