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play more

Get Fit the Fun way!

Gayathri Gopal and Shamitha Hettige, Co- Founders of Playmore brought the fun factor into fitness with their first ever mini trampoline centered exercise routines which includes the ever popular BodyBounce…

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Signia Chooses Sri Lanka to Launch Latest Hearing Aid in Asia

Recognizes Wickramarachchi Hearing Care for Outstanding Technological Advancements In recognition of Sri Lanka’s outstanding technical advancements in the fields of audiology and hearing care, world-renowned hearing aid manufacturer Signia recently…

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diabetic footwear

Beta Diabetic Footwear Solutions – ‘Your Feet, Our Concern’

According to the World Health Organization an estimated 1.6 million deaths in 2016 were directly caused by diabetes. Dubbed the “silent killer”, the disease is a major cause of lower…

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“Let the Blind See” with Wickramarachchi Opticians and Orel IT’s OrCam

Sri Lanka’s pioneering vision and hearing care specialist, J M Wickramarachchi Opticians together with Orel IT, recently launched the revolutionary artificial vision technology in Sri Lanka. This technology which has…

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tanuja perera

Don’t Resist Resistance!

One of the biggest battles I fight with all my female clients is the war over “getting too bulky.” I understand what these ladies are talking about. Before I became…

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tong ni spa

Tong Ni Foot Spa – Twenty-Four hour indulgence

Tong Ni Foot Spa is the ideal indulgence for those who wish to relax and pamper themselves at any time of the day. Open all year around, it is a…

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kinetic fitness

TRX Suspension Training

As a health professional who often visits clients in their homes, the TRX has been an essential tool for me over the past 10 years.  The TRX also knows as…

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Tanuja Perera Raymond

Stretch it out

Stretching should be an essential part of everyone’s workout routine especially those who engage in vigorous exercise and people in the athletic arena. Yoga is quickly becoming one of the…

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odel fitness

ODEL’s Fitness Week a resounding success

ODEL’s  ‘ODEL Fitness Week’ which saw a week’s worth of offers and activities to make ODEL the go-to destination for all fitness needs amongst fitness enthusiasts was a resounding success.…

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aia insurance

Live Life to the Fullest Under AIA Insurance’s Protective Umbrella

A Brand Promise Like No Other Text by Sara Pathirana Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you would do if you suddenly fell ill with a…

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