Category: Paws and Claws

Showering Your Canine Friends with Love

The popular notion that “animals are far better than human beings” may indeed be factual for the majority of us. If you own a dog, you may especially attest to…

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A Valentines to Remember

All around the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day full of love. Whether it’s through gifts, words or appreciation or a romantic dinner, Valentine’s day is a special…

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The Paw-fect Gift for the One You Love

It’s that time of year again, night drives on Galle Face are brighter than the stars, Christmas cake is the only scent around by far, but it doesn’t matter if…

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Let’s Be Paws-itive

Quarantine can be a challenging time. Although there is plenty to worry and stress about, it’s important to try our best to focus on the paws-itive side of things. Although…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pets

So, you think you’re ready to become a pet owner? Well you will be as soon as you read this article! Congratulations on your big decision! Your life is about…

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The Timid Python

They have been seen as symbols of evil for millennia: the Biblical serpent and snake demons of Hinduism among others. They have also been revered in some cultures and even…

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