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mens Fragrance

Seductive Fragrance for your Man

Smell is character, one of the five senses that we use to communicate and identify, people. So by all means it is very important that we wear the proper fragrance…

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Gerald Solomons

A Cut Above the Rest – Gerald Solomons

The term a cut above the rest is epitomized to perfection by the flamboyant Gerald Solomons, a hairdresser and fashion guru by profession who could quite unassumingly be identified in…

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Concept 2019

Fouzul Hameed’s Envoy Concept 2019 showcases a new formal menswear

Colombo’s fashion elite, VIPs and prominent personalities from business, industry and high society thronged to be the first to witness design visionary Fouzul Hameed’s eagerly-awaited ‘Concept 2019’ Fashion Show. Held…

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Hassan Esufally

Hassan Esufally – Making his presence felt in every continent!

There are sport enthusiasts and then there are those rare individuals who find fulfillment in extreme sports… they are the ‘ Dare Devils’ who take enthusiasm and personal goals to…

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Johann Peries

A Rendezvous with Johann Peries

First Sri Lankan Man to Conquer Everest He decided on a second attempt, or rather, to complete what he started. By now, after reading the headline, you of course would…

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Fouzul Hameed

Fouzul Hameed launches high-end ‘Limited Edition’ collection at Envoy Mansion

Enhancing the style quotient in Colombo, Fouzul Hameed has launched its latest ‘Limited Edition’ at the Envoy Mansion. The Limited Edition collection features one-of-a-kind pieces coveted by every style icon…

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Lakshan Seneviratne

Lakshan Seneviratne – On a Mission for Change

Lakshan Seneviratne’s accomplishments loom larger than life itself! The 22 year old has impacted thousands through his magnanimous efforts and soared to unparalleled heights, yet to be reached by many…

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Kishu Gomes

The Unstoppable Supernova Kishu Gomes

The enigmatic Kishu Gomes has challenged the status quo from the word go as the versatile supernova has emerged victorious in every facet of life and similar to King Midas…

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The Flamboyant Casualist

Anyone who is fashionable and practically extreme falls as a Flamboyant Casualist. Apart from trying to be the best in cool branded clothing, how can one mingle in the sophistication…

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hameedia concept 2018

‘Concept 2018 – CurioCity’

Hameedia, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear specialist recently concluded the fifth edition of its highly anticipated, fashion showcase - Concept 2018. Governed by the theme of ‘CurioCity’, the show was a…

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