elegant magazine sri lankaCOMPANY PROFILE


Vision   – To be the Foremost Campaigner in Providing Quality Reading Material for Readers of Various Age Groups & to Capture the Corporate Source to Advertise Products and Services that Would Link the Global Market – Elegantly

Mission – To Steer the Reader’s Concentration and Enhance Their Desire & Thirst to Vet Their Reading Appetites on an Elegant Platform and Effectively Gather Advertisers to Their Core Area to Channel Their Message to Audiences


What is ELEGANT?

Elegant has embarked on a voyage of an explorer on 1st October 2012, at the inception, it concentrated on providing a sea-worthy vessel of sorts gliding gently but resolutely from the tender hands of its fair reader and moving towards enthusiastic male-domain where the vessels dock for a period till all of the exclusive, hand-picked subject matter is slowly but surely off-loaded.  Gradually it sails to corporate waters and the business houses of a diverse nature patronize “Elegant”. With the passage of time, the prolific journalistic skills who are sticklers to detail and perfectionists have developed this Magazine in to what it offers you now. We hope to increase our Readership due to Visionaries who make up the writers, administrative structure and last but not the least the dedication of the support staff. We cater to a Readership sans frontiers.  An Elegant Readers’ Base has been created and Elegant will steadily emerge as the Prime Magazine which will become a household word, thus formulating itself to “a Magazine with a way of life that should be emulated”


 Our Readership (Target Audience Approx.)
  • People within the age group of 16 years & above including All Professionals
  • 70% Married & 30% Single
  • 55% Female & 45% Male
  • Middle Upper Class to Luxury Housing


Circulation Information

Frequency :  Bi-monthly (Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, April/May, June/July, Aug/Sep, Oct/Nov)

Circulation :  14,000 – 15,000

Readership : Over 150,000



Locally – Among Our Direct Subscribers (Over 5,000) and Sales Through Leading Bookshops and Supermarkets in Colombo and Outstation (Kandy, Galle, Matara, Ratnapura, Nuwaraeliya, Negambo, Gampaha & Kurunegala).

Supermarkets – Arpico, Keells

Bookshops & Other Outlets – VijithaYapa, Sarasavi, Bare Foot, Makeen Books, ODEL, Cool Planet, Beverley Street, Expographic Bookshop, Lake House Bookshop, etc…

Magazine is also sent to (Complementary) – Five Star Hotel, Luxury Apartments, Boutique Hotels & Villas, Salons & Spas, Hospitals, Banks, Advertising Agencies, Business & Government Organizations, Corporate Heads, Celebrities, Embassies, Fitness Centres, Coffee Shops & Restaurants, etc…

Internationally – Australia, USA, UK, Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada​