Eliseo Aesthetics, the newest luxury salon in Colombo held its launch at the Park street Warehouse amid an intimate gathering of friends, family and loyal customers.  The event resonated with an ethereal feel akin to its name which encapsulated opulence and style – giving the guests a grandiose experience. Replete with a band consisting of a cello player among other instrumentalist, servers bearing platters of canapes and the free flowing of wine, gave us a glimpse of life’s luxuries which stood for the concept of the salon.

Eliseo invites one to bask in the pure indulgence of oneself, enjoy a spa date with friends or pamper loved ones. The launch per se was a portal to enter into Eliseo Aesthetics’ world of personalized care and luxurious touch.

Welcoming guests at the event, Sumudu De Silva, Director of Eliseo Aesthetics, whose vision to inspire confidence and empower individuals through beauty, took us on a journey which began a few years ago. Her creativity which stems from childhood and her expertise in the print industry and business acumen sparked a passion to create beautiful wedding cards – a self-owned enterprise which thrived for over a decade until personal commitments and the effects of the pandemic caused her to take a hiatus which lasted two years. However, upon the advise of a caring friend, she considered three types of business ventures she would be interested in but in time (you may call it fate, destiny or pure blessing) led her to Jagath Jayadewa (former owner of Salon Okru) a beautician, entrepreneur and her stylist ,who himself was considering new endeavours. The two of them partnered in establishing a salon which posed a challenge due to the lack of an investor which led her to her father, who himself is a stalwart in the IT industry. He offered to invest a substantial sum based upon an expectation which was not to settle for mediocre ventures but reach high, resulting in the establishment of the most  luxurious salon; Eliseo Aesthetics. “Coincidentally, my father too opted for the name which struck a profound chord,” revealed Sumudu – a woman of substance!

Furthermore, Sumudu offered a tour of the salon, which I took a few days later, following the launch. The salon is conveniently located in the heart of Havelock city and I was amazed to discover a salon which exudes elegance and luxuriousness. Attention to detail was given to each and every item which was meticulously chosen by Sumudu, Jagath and even her father–from the plush cutting stations tasteful décor, warmth, cozy ambience and privacy; serving a distinct purpose in ensuring the client is offered the very best in hair care and styling , manicures, pedicures, dressings, facials, massages and many more –surmise it to say, a plethora of head to toe indulgences albeit a range of services using the most exclusive brands. After all, reiterating the vision of Eliseo Aesthetics, one has to agree that self-care of the external being inevitably touches the core and boosts self-confidence – accentuating and enhancing the natural beauty of each and every client.

A Beautiful Partnership

While Sumudu, a resident of Colombo and a student of Holy Family Convent, is a talented lady in her own right with a forte for creativity, she was insistent in Jagath being the main star of the salon. Yours truly had heard of the renowned beautician and met many mutual friends who were loyal clients of his, along the way and at the launch too – who gushed about Jagath’s expertise and his sincerity. Almost all, unanimously stated that “Jagath never says no!”  To which he responded that each client is important and should always be welcomed as he or she has multiple options to choose from in terms of salons and expertise. True to his statement of going out of his way for each and every client is the very fact that Sumudu herself was a loyal client introduced to Jagath by a best friend and she ultimately became a business partner. I was amazed by his life story as Jagath who hails from the South did not have any inkling of the trade in the past and was working overseas following his marriage and the birth of his child – yet a debilitating disease affecting his child compelled him to return and upon her tragic and untimely loss he left his hometown and sought employment at a renowned salon in Colombo. Subsequently, Jagath who was a natural in the field established his own salon and won over a clientele based upon his genuine love for people and his desire to enhance their natural beauty through his skill. The clients of Eliseo Aesthetics are guaranteed the epitome of luxury as the two of them who hail from varied walks of life have intertwined their expertise and forged a path which is destined for greatness!

By Rochelle Palipane – Gunaratne