Women and jeans belong to a classic, fashion-coded love story that go back centuries. The eighties and the nineties were decades when denim attained its popularity in full, with jeans heading the denim family. While a host of other trends have come and gone since then, jeans have evaded decline and have lived to see the 2020s.

Trend-watchers believe that jeans would hold their position of perpetuality for decades to come as well, and the fashion-conscious community would only cheer them on, because denim and jeans deserve this undying popularity—not only are they ceaselessly stylish, but they also require lesser wash times than nearly every other piece of clothing, are durable, comfortable, and hardly succumb to damage.

The jeans family has expanded itself significantly since the latter twentieth-century, and even as 2024 begins, interesting new varieties have dropped in and already achieved immediate popularity. Excitingly, each of these new varieties come with new options for style as well, bestowing the fashion lovers’ wardrobes a thrillingly aesthetic diversity.


Foil Jeans

All that glitters is not gold; sometimes, it is possibly a pair of foil jeans. An item slightly—yet fashionably—bizarre, foil jeans are a newcomer everyone is bound to immediately fall in love with. Especially popular in 2023 and bobbing up in silver as the word ‘foil’ itself suggests, these coated-denim pants cancel out the doubt one might feel in wearing jeans to a party or a special occasion.

Foil jeans scream ‘fun’, but that does not rule out the possibility of a silver-jeans outfit taking on a sophisticated look. Pair a pair of silver jeans with a black blouse or a black blazer for an emphasized effect, not neglecting that they can still be styled with any other dark-shaded upper garment for that matter. High platform heels, lustrous mules and adorned pumps all work well under a pair of foil jeans, creating an ensemble that would win one the title of the ‘life of the party’ in no time, with zero effort.


Cargo Jeans

Remember when those slouchy, military-style, heavily pocket-lined pants used to come by in recurring olive or khaki shades, and everyone nearly became bored of them? Well, cargo pants have made a comeback, but this time in a new skin that needs no trying in winning the majority’s appeal: denim.

Crop tops and t-shirts bearing either plainness or prints make good matches for this item, and so do sneakers and boots. Highly utilitarian and ideal for the adventure-themed outdoors, cargo jeans in denim add extra stylishness to a pair of pants that would otherwise have been known only as functional.


Pleated jeans

For years, eyes have gotten so used to seeing pleats and creases on the ageless, old cotton trousers that when denim jeans visibly began adapting the aspects in 2023, they definitely stood out.

Even with the change of material, pleated jeans hold on to a character of sophistication, retaining an undertone of playfulness at the same time, so that these loose-fit items of interest can be styled with tank tops as well as long-sleeved upper garments, contributing to both a professional look and a look of easy casualness, depending on whether one’s preference is the pointy-toed loafer or the strappy platform sandal, the clutch purse or the pragmatic belt bag.


Bootcut-flare Jeans

A sense of nostalgia is certainly in the cards where bootcut-flare jeans are a topic, since the bootcut style was all the rage back in the groovy seventies. The bootcut-flare-jeans trend flared up again in the last two years and has continued into this year with no sign of backing down.

Not only do the bootcut-flare jeans lend one’s ensemble a share of the bohemian aura it is meant to evoke, but it offers its wearer a taller façade and an hourglass silhouette in chorus. These jeans with their wide bottoms also work to establish perfect proportion in an outfit, and are as sure a fit with flowy, bohemian blouses and t-shirts as they are with blazers and hats, while closed-toe heels, boots and even sneakers make for an outfit that easily gives off that coveted vintage retro overtone.


Grey Jeans

No hotlist can be deemed complete without the hippest jeans trend of the year yet, that being the grey jeans, which have rapidly become the new blue jeans, seizing platforms all the way from runways to the paparazzi posts of A-list celebrities.

Though one is bound to assume grey jeans allow hardly any space for style in terms of color, that is only a myth. First off, grey jeans paired with blacks and whites provide a dark, mysterious note to an ensemble, minus the air of unapproachability. Camel brown, forest green, cobalt blue, crimson red, and neon colors all highlight the dusky shade of these jeans. Black and white footwear are a definite match, but should a bolder, more unique look be in preference, high heels of a brilliant cherry-red complexion could never disappoint the aspiring wearer.

By Rebecca Mischelle