Eliseo Aesthetics, the newest luxury salon in Colombo has been creating a buzz since its recent launch. The event per se offered a glimpse of the plethora of luxuries the salon is primed to offer. Guests were serenaded to the soulful sounds by the band of musicians and treated to wine and canapes.

“Our vision is to inspire confidence and empower individuals through beauty,” stated Sumudu De Silva, Director of Eliseo Aesthetics; an entrepreneur and visionary et al. Partnering with the renowned stylist, beautician and entrepreneur Jagath Jayadewa of Okru fame, with a loyal clientele who vouch for his personalized service which exceeds expectations, one can only imagine the heights to which Eliseo Aesthetics is bound to soar. Among the guests at the launch were some of his clients who revealed  the admiration and trust they continue to place on his skill in enhancing the beauty and his obliging and accommodative qualities- “after all, a client’s request should never be rejected,” is his mantra which has made him a firm favourite among his ever- growing clientele.  “We at Eliseo Aesthetics are committed to offering a vast array of services using the best products, cutting-edge equipment in an opulent setting for the sole purpose of accentuating the beauty of our clients, whilsts ensuring a lavish and memorable experience.”An epitome of luxury, the salon, which is situated in a secluded cul-de –sac in the heart of Colombo is a welcoming oasis for those who wish to enjoy the luxurious indulgences from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.


By Rochelle Palipane – Gunaratne