Founded in February 2011 by Mr. Timothy Ashantha Andradi, CEO of the London School of Commerce Group of Colleges, the British School of Commerce [BSC], a division of The London School of Commerce (LSC) Group of Colleges (UK), will now offer the Foundation as well as Advanced Diploma and Undergraduate level programmes commencing this October.

Present at the launch were Dr. Janet Brown – CEO, Scottish Qualification Authority,  Ms. Margaret Curran – International Regional Manager, Scottish Qualification Authority,  Mr. Alistair Shaw – Head of International, Scottish Qualification Authority,  Mr. Brock Dykeman – Vice President, University Canada West,  Ms. Cindy McLeod – CEO, Global University System,  Mr. Muktadir Rahman – Director, Transnational Education,  Mr. John Philips – Director, International Developments – London School of Commerce,  Mr. Anand Walser – Director, Undergraduate Programs – London School of Commerce,  Mr. Sanjaya Roshan – Head of Operations – British School of Commerce and  Ms. Apsara Hewage – SQA Coordinator/Head of Academics – British School of Commerce.

Addressing the students and other invitees at the launch of the new programmes, Director of International developments –LSC Group Mr. John Phillips said, “The Foundation and Advanced Diploma programmes lead towards the final phase of the degree where the students have the option of transferring their credits to multiple countries. Furthermore the Foundation as well as the Advanced Diploma, both are offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), which is validated in over many countries across the globe”. Mr John Phillips went on to say that the advantage in following the Advanced Diploma in Business was that students who complete the Advanced Diploma course, then have the opportunity to complete their top-up degree in Sri Lanka for a lesser cost. Students also have the opportunity if they so wish to transfer to foreign universities in Canada, UK, USA and Australia to complete their top-up degree.

The Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Business programmes, benefit the student as these programmes serves to short circuit the course, as if the students choose to complete the top-up degree in either Sri Lanka or the UK, these students will be able to complete their degree in 28 months. Students will benefit by being able to complete a world recognized degree within a shorter timeline at a lesser cost. “With our qualifications, students have the opportunity to pursue Master’s degree awards in Canada, USA and Australia – work, study and obtain subsequent residential rights (conditions apply) as well, hence BSC definitely gives students a head start in life, while giving them  the opportunity to fast track their tertiary education”, said Mr Anand Walser, Director of Undergraduate programs – LSC Group.

The benefits of being a part of LSC Group are numerous and include the ability to obtain a globally recognised British degree, transfer one’s credits to any of the international campuses that are accredited to the LSC Group, experience both local as well as a global teaching faculty, access to over 70,000 online materials, cost-effective, accelerated courses with fees payable in easy installments, while having the added advantage of being a part of the LSC which is a highly trusted (Tier 4) Sponsor with the UK Border Agency.

“The Foundation and Advanced Diploma in Business and Undergraduate level programmes we are offering as of this October will further serve to strengthen BSC’s academic standing in Sri Lanka and we invite all of you to join the LSC Group and be part of a global community of more than 25,000 students from over 100 countries”, said Mr. Anand Walser.

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