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WUS Group Opens their New Venture ‘Sense Pavilion’


WUS Groups’ newest venture, Sense Pavilion is a true bliss. A scenic and aromatic surrounded with lush green plantation on twenty acres of land in fascinating Wagawatha, Horana, Sri Lanka.

The purpose then, as it is now, is that this hotel should offer to the country a receptive facility for international & local visitors to support and take part in this country’s development. Sense Pavilion aims to strengthen Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and to promote tourism and investment to and within this country.

Experience the beauty and serenity of Sri Lanka’s scenic earthy country within the luxurious comforts of a boutique hotel par excellence. And an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life, you can enjoy the refreshing, and relaxing and settle into the luxury cabana with our warm hospitality. The uniquely designed resort blends well with nature and consists of charming individual chalets mostly made to calm your mind with a peek into nature.

A midst of all the lush greenery stands the Sense Pavilion our tagline “The Garden of Eden

“The Southern Expressway (Highway) allows travel in less than one hours from Colombo. Distances: 11 KMs from Horana | 108 KMs from Galle | 55 KMs from Colombo”


Our rooms are designed with coziness and closeness with nature at its best; providing a place to unwind and forget the busy, soundly streets and indulge into relaxation. Explore the various types of rooms, explore the amenities, and choose the space that’s right for you.

Banquet Hall:

Look to the Sense Pavilion Horana hotel for your event needs – from simple conferences to extravagant weddings. We provide meeting rooms and banquet halls, one large enough for 250 people. Expect world-class service and a touch of Sri Lankan hospitality at every turn from all of our team members, especially the one dedicated to your entire event.

Food Lovers:

You will surely say that dining amities, are different here at Sense Pavilion. We got ranges from local cuisines to international dishes ready to be served at you order. This is an exclusive service made for you for the best experience from your day outing to your special occasion with an economical budget for our guests.


Sense Pavilion is masters’ on peaking with nature and modern creativity. Book your dream holiday directly on the Sense Pavilion website and enjoy unparalleled benefits that will make your stay easy like a wind. Our dedicated team makes the booking process effortless and provides detailed attention to all your special requests and changes, guaranteeing utmost flexibility at any stage of your reservation. Furthermore, we guarantee the best available room rates, free of any hidden charges and inclusive of added services. Most importantly, you will have an exclusive access to our packages and customized experiences. Book direct on our official website and experience the difference.

At Sense Pavilion, our hotel has the facilities and services perfectly suited for your groups and offer simple, bundled pricing. Just choose the options you need and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.

We have many activities, from air riffles shootings for those who like the adrenaline, and to those who like to relax by camping with bonfire. We also go for those creative ones to engage themselves and simply cook with our chefs, plus we also offer outbound and class room training facilities… Sense Pavilion has a wide range of events that will surely keep your day fully entertained.

Sense Pavilion is probably one of Sri Lanka’s best-kept secrets that offer plenty to keep you fascinated during a few nights’ stays. Apart from simply unwinding in cool climes with hypnotic views; you may even set out on a bike riding adventure to explore some of nature’s wonders; such as the vast rubber plantations. Sense Pavilion, being a remote hamlet located and surrounded by the plantations of numerous sorts is perfect for walks or a cycling adventure. Amongst the things to do in Sense Pavilion, one could also explore tea gardens & factories, the fishing amount the natural rivers, boat riding, ancient temples and historic artifacts.

The embarrassment of things to do in Sense Pavilion is carefully curated and our staff will aid you in designing the perfect outing. When making an online reservation, let us know your preferences and we will be happy to make all arrangements on your behalf.

Our target as a hotel is that we want to achieve the 4 star rated hotel, and aim to provide more space for the guest with more chalets in locations the guest can engage with nature itself, our targets are over the hundreds we want to accommodate and finally to be a recognized hotel for the South-East area of Sri Lanka.

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