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No Quick Fixes


I am lucky that over the years I have travelled the globe because of my chosen career. I have trained people from Europe and Africa to the Middle East and the USA. My experiences have been mostly the same across the globe. People everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon of the latest weight loss trends. It’s understandable in this day and age where the “fitness hotties” on instagram are giving us a constant barrage of images that the average human finds hard to live up to. I know it’s easy to get sucked into spending hours perusing social media and giving yourself a complex that you don’t look as good as they do. I am guilty of it myself. In the past few months I have been at home recovering from dengue. Unable to work or train I was stuck at home with only social media and Netflix as  my friends. I cannot tell you how depressed I have become by looking at all these people posting their heavily edited and filtered pictures. Don’t do it to yourself folks. It’s not real.

I have always been a naturally curvy girl so from a young age I was very interested in keeping myself trim and bec  somewhat obsessed with different ways of “dieting”. The latest trend on the market is “keto” which has been called many other things over the years. Back in the day when keto first hit the mainstream market it was called Atkins. It was created by a heart surgeon called Dr. Atkins to help really obese heart patients to lose weight before heart surgery. It was not designed to be a long term solution to weight management. It basically puts your body into a state of ketosis by practically eliminating carbohydrates from your diet and using fat as a fuel.

Don’t get me wrong these types of diets work. They help you to lose weight fast but at what cost? I personally followed this way of eating for nearly 15 years but discovered recently that I have high cholesterol. What they didn’t tell you is that not all protein and fat is good for you. I was consuming tons of fatty meat and cheese believing I was ok because I was thin but what was really happening on the inside?

Keto works in a similar way, However the Keto diet does state that you should be consuming organic grass fed meat and butter. I feel as though most Sri Lankans have chosen to completely ignore this important piece of information. I have heard that a lot of health professionals are prescribing the Keto diet to their clients because they know it will give their clients fast results for which they can claim credit. I am shocked when I see people scoffing processed sausages and bacon and claiming that they are “healthy” because they are doing Keto.

Please people be sensible! All meat and fat are not created equal. These types of processed meats are laden with all types of chemicals and unpronounceable added ingredients. Half the time I am not sure it is even real meat. The Keto diet clearly states that you should be eating organic grass fed meat and fats like butter. These types of ingredients are so hard to find in our fair land, which amazes me considering we live on a tropical island. Our consumer demand for meat has lead to Sri Lanka becoming slave to the same traps as the rest of the world when it comes to the way we rear our meat.

Remember the weight didn’t go on overnight and it won’t come off overnight if done correctly. Slow and steady wins the race. The problem with most Sri Lankan people is that they would rather eat processed sausages and think they are doing Keto than eat a balanced healthy diet and work out.

The other insane procedure that seems to be an actual option to so many people in this country is the stomach sleeve surgery. I cannot stress how much I am against this type of procedure. Once your stomach has been cut out there is no going back. I don’t even understand which idiot doctor came up with such a ridiculous option to offer people. Remember your stomach bacteria are responsible for cleaning your body. When you remove one of the main organs that helps to eradicate toxins from your body then what are the long term results? Most of the time another organ in the body will try to do the job of the stomach. I have heard that many people who have undergone the stomach sleeve surgery have later had to have their gall bladders removed as they get too clogged up with waste.

I honestly can’t believe that this is where we are in this country. When it comes to weight management there are no quick fix solutions. Weight doesn’t go on overnight and it won’t come off overnight. Keeping in shape requires a shift in the way you approach your life. I like to follow the 80/20 rule. This means you eat a healthy balanced diet 80% of the time and have a cheat day. It’s important to eat what you want once in a while otherwise this type of approach is not possible long term.

The only way to approach a healthy lifestyle is to eat a balanced healthy diet including plenty of whole foods, organic proteins and fruit and veg. Make working out a part of your day. It has to become a part of your lifestyle in the same way as brushing your teeth is a part of your daily routine. Cut yourself some slack. We all like eating junk. Just don’t do it everyday. Have a cheat day where you can enjoy your pizza, ice cream or whatever makes you happy. Life is short so you should be able  to have the things you enjoy. Even if it is for only 20% of the time.

If you are interested in learning how to lose weight in a responsible and sustainable way then contact Kinetic. We will be launching our next 12 Week weight loss camp in January. Our program consists of 5 metabolic training sessions a week designed to assist with fat loss. We also calculate your macros and provide you with nutritionally balanced meals to ensure you are consuming at a calorie deficit  according to your measurements. It’s a great way to kick start your weight loss journey because you will learn to workout in a safe environment where you are properly monitored and your meals are nutritionally balanced and portion controlled. I believe that by educating people you can create real change so we have designed a program that will be sustainable for life. The best part is you even get a ch  day! Contact Kinetic on 0766575959 to find out more.

By: Tanuja Perera Raymond

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