kelebek furniture



Kelebek is excited to announce the launch of their timeless furniture brand in Sri Lanka. Kelebek, a Turkish origin, is a well renowned furniture brand in Europe with over 150 stores in 15 countries.

Kelebek, Turkey’s leading furniture manufacturer, has a wide range of products with innovative designs and furniture forms, providing customers the comfort of movement ability in living spaces with panel furniture systems. Kelebek translates to butterfly in Turkish, which is a symbol that represents transformation, endurance, hope and life. This is synonymous with stages of the life cycle when buying new furniture. Kelebek’s exclusive furniture ticks all the boxes with its stylish, convenient and unique collections which will transform your house in to a home.

Kelebek uses high-durable engineered wood and carefully crafted designs for their furniture range. At current, there are 4 unique furniture designs that are available in Kelebek’s store, they are called Monema, Crista, Nigero and Angalic. Kelebek hopes to introduce more exclusive designs in the future.

“As we evolve, our homes should too” Suzanne Tucker, The Romance of Design

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