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Everyone is attractive in their own way. Most may not possess the perfect face or body shape but each one may have one or more desirable features: doe eyes, full lips, chiselled nose, long legs, slim waist, clear skin, etc. Cosmetic treatments and surgeries can enhance facial features and body to attain an individual’s desired level of beauty. The expert team of cosmetic specialists at Durdans Cosmetic Clinic offers cosmetic enhancements through personalised medical treatment and surgery for natural looking results.

Age, pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain can change our skin and hair. Factors such as genetics, stress and depression can also cause hair loss. A multiple of medical treatments are available that can restore healthy skin and hair. Following personalised consultations with a medical cosmetologist, a combination of one or more therapies such as chemical peels, laser treatment, dermabrasion, etc can be done to bring about a visible difference in skin that has uneven skin, acne, acne scars and pigmentation.

For ageing skin, botox injections can be targeted to treat problematic areas such as wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. Despite claims, creams cannot make these issues disappear. These can only be effectively treated using medical treatment such as Botox. Dermal fillers can give a youthful appearance to sunken eyes and smooth out lines. Non-surgical face lifts can be performed for sagging skin that is not in severe condition.

Fountain of Youth with High Quality Cosmetic Surgery

Some aesthetic solutions require both medical treatment and surgery. Through liposuction we remove excess fat and contour the shape of the body. If there is excess skin around the waist, under arms and upper back, cosmetic surgery is needed to achieve a firm and youthful silhouette.

Dr Yasas Abeywickrama, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Durdans Hospital says, “Before surgery we prepare the mental state of the patient and give awareness about the body. The success of the surgery also needs the corporation of the patient. In some instances such as in body lifts, if the patient is not willing to change their lifestyle, even after the surgery the body might return to how it was before.” All surgery is done under either local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. Full medical examination is done prior and under the specialist guidance of an anaesthetist. Patients are educated about all aspects of the surgery and surgery is carried out only after having receiving full consent from the patient. Scarring will be minimal and hidden in natural shadows.

For patients who have lost weight rapidly, a belt lipectomy can be done for a drooping stomach which may be the case after post-bariatric surgeries. Breast augmentation, reduction and lifts are also popular surgeries as is breast reduction surgery for males.

Cosmetic surgery can be performed on the face to reshape the facial features and to achieve a younger look. Common facial contouring procedures are neck lifts, nose reshaping, chin shaping, cosmetic jaw surgery, ear reshaping, eyelid surgery and brow surgery. Face lifts can achieve a youthful appearance. As the wrinkles and folds in the neck can reveal age, neck lifts are also a go-to surgery to take years off the face. Dr T Sabesan is a Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon who performs cosmetic facial surgical and medical treatments for any age group. Dr Sabesan says, “Medical treatment such as botox and fillers are done in a clinical setting where the highest safety is guaranteed’. Clients have the convenience of getting a procedure done on their way home or on their lunch break. Under local anaesthesia and mild sedation.

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