GLOW – For a Radiant and Glowing skin every day…


A glowing skin is one of the things that a man would love to see in a lady. Beyond doubt, a glowing skin can get you a second look.

GLOW contains a special SKHN complex which is a registered trademark of Mega Lifesciences (Australia) Pty Ltd & is composed of natural plant extracts, marine proteins, and natural antioxidants that are natural in origin, safe & extremely effective in offering a radiant and glowing skin.

In order to keep your skin well hydrated, well moisturized and well nourished GLOW offers you extracts from Green tea, Grape seed and Lemon bioflavonoids. Together they work to improve blood circulation and keep the skin clear, free from blemishes and well hydrated. A lovely, fresh looking skin enhances the face value and makes the skin looking extremely beautiful. Removing toxins from the body, every day, every minute adds to the responsibility of Green tea extract in GLOW.

GLOW contains French Maritime pine bark extract, one of the most potent antioxidants known, that can protect your skin from damage causing free radicals to even out uneven skin tone and ensure that your skin tone is uniform. So do not worry about going out in sun light In addition to the pine bark extract, vitamin C, vitamin E & lycopene obtained from tomato extract there are other natural antioxidants in GLOW , which will ensure that your skin does not fall prey to the harmful damaging effects of free radicals, generated primarily from UV rays, pollution and smoke. Mega Life sciences embarked on its mission of enhancing Human Wellness as early as 1983.   We at Mega Lifesciences are committed to Human Wellness and are actively involved in helping millions of people to have access to safe ,effective, world class quality Nutritional & Herbal supplements, OTC and ethical drugs at affordable prices.

GLOW is for a radiant and glowing skin, everyday…

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