Master Stylist and Hair Wizard Gerald Solomons of Chagall has come up with some super cool looks and styles to beat the heat, stay cool and look fabulous, while not forgetting the all important ‘Avurudhu  look’ as well!

The sweltering heat and the resulting humidity is not conducive to looking good and staying cool and fresh, but Gerald has come up with some super cool yet stylish hairdos and cuts which are bound to suit everyone, whether they have long or short hair. As for makeup, “less is best” says Gerald. “Use a very light foundation if you must, but a tinted moisturizer is best. Stay away from heavy foundations and powder; a clear shimmery lip gloss, a dusting of blush, waterproof mascara, and you are good to go”!

For those wanting to sport a more traditional look for the auspicious times and occasions during the New Year season, the traditional ‘Konde’ given a twist by Gerald is perfect, while no matter the occasion, make up must be light and dewy.

“Heavy makeup will just look unnatural and overdone in this heat. Minimalism needs to practiced with regards to your make up during this time”.

No matter the time of year, you need to look fabulous and special and that’s what Chagall excels in. Chagall which has established itself as Sri Lanka’s most elite and fashionable salon, while Gerald himself has clients from all over the world jetting down, just so that he could style their hair, not only makes his clients look special on that all important day, but makes you look special and unique every day!

Having established himself and Chagall as the hairdresser / stylist and salon of the elite, Gerald’s doors are open to anyone who wants to look good.

Today we feature a range of looks created by Gerald and his talented team which will make you look and feel fabulous as well as cool and comfortable.

A firm believer in doing things ‘his way’ he constantly advises clients to ‘step out of the box’ they are in and reinvent themselves and he is always right in his advice, be it hair, make up or clothes.

So beat the heat, stay cool, look fabulous and step out of your box with Gerald and his team at Chagall this avurudhu!

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