Making it big in the music industry in any part of the world is no walk in the park. If anything, stories behind the success of possibly every singer, artiste and musician who’ve managed to make a name for themselves in the industry teach us that it is not easy. Many of these artistes take a leap of faith by putting out something to the world, the listener, in the desperate hope their work proves worthy of a future in the music industry. For some it pans out, whereas for the others, it may take longer than expected or worst of all, never.

Given the possible outcomes of taking that leap of faith, thus begins the story of Jason Caderamanpullé or PULLÉ who isn’t afraid of getting his fingers “Burnt” in collaboration with Kaushalya Fonseka or KK with his first ever single.

‘Burnt’ produced by PULLÉ featuring the powerful vocals of KK is an interesting mix of POP with a heavy EDM influence. ‘Burnt’ brings out the smooth soulful voice of artist KK with trance-inducing electronic background music.

The lyrics sing of a dark confession with its lines ‘I won’t be fighting anymore, coz I’m burnt out to the core.’ The fragility of experiencing heartbreak and giving up is carried over in KK’s voice. The bridge allows a power punch in which the melody changes to how the hurt that has been felt would be paid back one day.

Already reaching 1500 views on YouTube, Burnt has slowly become a homegrown favorite, played on YES 101’s segment Homegrown. With its crisp and intense combination of haunting vocals and progressive house music, Burnt is a tune to listen to.

Humble Beginnings

The story of PULLÉ is rather simple. It entails no luxuries or sufferings, neither was he handed everything on a golden plate of opportunity.

Among the many things PULLÉ has been passionate about during his life, his passion for music is one that has remained constant right throughout.

Now based in Sydney, Australia, having left the sunny shores of Sri Lanka in 2012, 27 year old Jason, who is the eldest of four, lives happily with his wife Joanna.

KK (Kaushi) on the other hand is in no way a stranger to the music industry. Daughter of Gamini Fonseka, the iconic legend in the Sri Lankan film industry and multi-talented Angela Seneviratne, KK has time and time again created sound waves in the musical scene, even winning the Home Grown award for Best Female Singer in 2013 in Sri Lanka and the Serendib Silver Award for Music in Melbourne.

She too is currently based in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and two daughters.

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