walking in blind

Book Launch of ‘Walking in Blind’


A Collection of Poetry by Kaviru Samarawickrama


The book launch of ‘Walking in Blind’, a collection of poetry, written by Kaviru Samarawickrama, will be held on 12 January 2019 at the Sooriya Village, 49 Skelton Rd, Colombo 05, from 5pm to 7pm.

Kaviru Samarawickrama is an artist and poet who finds refuge in dealing with trauma and misfortune through painting and writing which takes up most of her free time. She is currently employed at one of the leading art galleries in Colombo and is pursuing postgraduate studies in the field of Information Technology.

Her energetic and spontaneous personality has always been a catalyst through which inspiration is later born in her poetic compositions. Mood swings and cravings are often seen within her colourful personality, sometimes resulting in heated discussions and rants, leading to more creativity. When in high spirits, she’s a sight to see (and hear) at numerous open mics, a commanding presence through her creativity, despite her usual self-consciousness.

Walking in Blind is a collection of poetry written over the past decade which are portrayals of personal experiences as well as depictions of others’ distresses. It comprises of over 40 poems, mostly melancholic and thoughtful, while a few boast a more elated note. Whatever the mood, one will always find them relatable, thought provoking and always a wonderful experience to immerse oneself in.

‘I wish your mind was as easy to read
Like a book in my native language
But you chose to be written
In multiple languages
Hiding parts of you
For people that are genuinely interested’

‘Walking in Blind’ also showcases a few artworks by Asela Abeywardene, an artist renown for her acrylic and watercolor mediums. She is also known for creating art in ceramic sculpture forms.

Devika Brendon, a well-known writer, editor, reviewer and teacher of literature, consultant editor at FemAsia Magazine and a member of the editorial board of New Ceylon Writing, will grace the event as chief guest.

A book signing will take place during the launch followed by a recital of an excerpt from the book by the author.

walking in blind
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