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OCEAN BY O! @ Marine Drive – the newest addition to premium pubs in Colombo


FLOOR BY O! & SHORE BY O! has been synonymous with the entertainment scene in Colombo for the last 7 years and has built its reputation through value for money offering of a superb selection of drinks and a mouthwatering array of pub food.  It was no surprise that BIG 7 TRAVEL website rated FLOOR BY O! as No.1 in their “BEST BAR IN COLOMBO” ranking a few weeks ago.  Pubs ‘N Places Pvt. Limited, the owner of these two pub brands, have ventured further by extending its brand to its third pub venture in Colombo.

OCEAN BY O! is its newest addition to the pub scene in Colombo.  Located on the 10th floor rooftop of Ocean Colombo Hotel, Colombo 4, it offers a completely novel experience to both locals and visitors.  Conveniently located on the corner of Melbourne Avenue and Marine Drive, it faces the Indian Ocean with unrestricted views from your seating.  Designed by Architect Shayan Kumaradas, the pub is located inside an air-conditioned glass dome.  The high glass dome will provide our customers and atmosphere that is not available in Colombo; being the place to go whether it is raining or stiflingly hot outside.  Plush and comfortable seating takes you to the edge of the glass, where the beauty of the sunset is visible in all its entirety.  The setting is ideal for the hard core pub goer or even for a romantic time out.  The pub boasts of a well-stocked bar, skilled barman who will serve you the best cocktails from around the world, chilled beers and of course a range of excellent dishes to support the drinks.  Ocean by O! is not only an evening venue in the typical sense of a pub.  Open from 12 noon till midnight, it is an ideal location for anything from lunch onwards.  We will even go to the extent of allowing you to have your birthday parties, office parties or even engagement functions in this unique location, if you plan in advance with us.

The Chairman, Directors and the management team of Ocean Colombo Hotel have done a wonderful job of bringing this concept to life in partnership with Pubs ‘N Places Pvt. Limited.  No expense have been spared to bring the best of technology and architecture work together to bring this venture to life.  The venue is equipped with a BOSE sound system, dedicated dance floor lights, best in class bar equipment, a fully-fledged compact kitchen, teak furniture and custom made fabric from BAREFOOT GALLERY.  Coupled with the location and the views, this is a venue that will set the benchmark for pubs in Colombo.

So why wait?  OCEAN BY O! is now open for business and look forward to your presence.  A few tips for our potential patrons.  Be there before 6.45pm to experience the sunset (the view is priceless!).  Public parking is available along Melbourne Avenue and also on the sea side of Marine Drive in the afternoons and evenings.  For further information on our daily deals and events, visit our Facebook page.  Look forward to seeing you’re their!

(Pubs ‘N Places Pvt. Limited is a sister company of Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC)

Photography By: Dr. Asanka Pallewatta

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