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Although it might initially sound strange as one may think, it comes as no surprise if you hear a “Matcha Biscuit Pudding” being introduced by the artisan dessert manufacturer Bellissima, which is a brand synonymous for always introducing varieties of flavoured biscuit puddings to the local food palate over the past few years, with the infamous chocolate arrack biscuit pudding and the latest version of chocolate biscuit pudding gelato being two of the best sellers in town.

“Ramen Misoya Colombo is the first Japanese restaurant to specialize in Ramen in the island. As we celebrated our first successful year in Colombo, we wanted to try out the possibility to introduce something unique and innovative that would bridge the food cultures of Japan and Sri Lanka. Looking around the current trends, we realized that Bellissima biscuit puddings were ahead of the curve and so we reached to Chef Dush to do his magic for us” says Chef Taiki Warnakulasooriya.

“Matcha, which literally means powdered green tea leaves, is one of the most popular flavours in Japan, along with its many health benefits” states the self-made, culinary artist, Dush Ratnayake who created this new flavour exclusively for Ramen Misoya in Colombo. “It was challenging. The main challenge was to highlight the strength of the matcha to be equally liked by a Japanese as well as a non-Japanese whilst not alienating the true biscuit pudding fan. Looking back I am happy with what Taiki and I acheived.” states the passionate chef with a sense of reaching another milestone on his journey. The synergy between the two brands is apparent as they successfully introduced Matcha biscuit pudding to the word of desserts that is equally liked by all.

To grab your very own matcha biscuit with pudding, visit Ramen Misoya Colombo, open six days a week from Tuesday-Sunday, for lunch and dinner, on the first floor of the Race Course building (right on top of McDonald’s).

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