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Anantara Kalutara Resort launches the ‘Tea Guru’


Anantara Kalutara Resort recently hosted its ‘Tea Guru’ tea-tasting event in the Bawa-designed, open air Upper Deck Lounge, celebrating the journey of Sri Lankan tea. Anantara’s ‘Guru’ programmes use local experts and ambassadors to elevate guest experiences by sharing their knowledge during the guest’s stay. Competency and focus are key as with the resort’s Tea Guru, who is trained to explain the specialities and nuances of the teas consumed.

The Tea Guru programme was officially launched in partnership with Jaf Tea, the resort’s long-standing partner for tea. Invitees were able to taste the different types of single origin teas offered by Jaf Tea available across the resort, which also included their Ceylon Regional Teas and signature Te Reval range that includes speciality teas like Marakesh Mint and Rose Oolong.

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